Dress code:

  • No weapons of any kind.

Including but not limited to: nerf guns, cardboard cutouts, plastic Halloween props, airsoft guns, baseball bats (wood, metal and plastic), pocket knives.

  • No bikini tops or bottom.
  • Belly shirts allowed.
  • Shirt and shoes are required at all times.
  • No nudists.
  • Appropriate amount of cleavage (judged at door).
  • Yoga pants allowed.
  • Must have some sort of rubber sole shoe.


-Flip flops

-Sports sandles


-Tennis shoes


Not Allowed:

-Track shoes


-Spiked shoes.

  • Signs: Please keep them PG rated (ie: Free Hugs- OKAY, Will Yaoi for Yuri- NOT OKAY).

General Rules:

  • No horseplay (We already don't allow weapons, so please don't try and play fight with what you aren't supposed to have)
  • This is a school event, so please, act appropriately.
  • Do as the staff says.
  • Stay in designated convention areas.