Dealers Room & Artist Alley

For information on loading times/etc. please ghere.


Virtu Visions

Kim Ash

Deosil Designs


Crash Bang Labs

Maru Manic

Fil Romero

PsiStar Freelance Art

Angela Worthy

Carra Peerbolte  

Cara Stasick

Matthew Mannausa/ Rachel Morgan

Happy Leaf Studios  

Yhasmin Wilder 


Marco Kawasaki/Ototobo



Home Circle Media

Sara Peters

Cardz Xcetera

Loading Crew Crafts

Stephanie Carbno

Spooky's Geek Boutique

Cynical Sniper Pillows 




If you would like to sign up for Artist Alley or Dealers room for Anime Park 2017 please contact us. Dealer slots are $25 each and artist spots are $10.