How this Con started...

This is going to be the third year we are holding this con. It actually started off as a conversation between a few teens on their way back from a convention. Soon it became reality and now, here we are about to hold our convention!

Hopefully you can come and have fun with us at this con. Please read below for more details.


Where is this con? How Much is it?

Due to financial issues, we are finding it difficult to provide an adequate environment to host this convention. We will now be requiring small donations for entrance into the convention this year, there will be badges ^^ *

Thank you.

(* prices for 2014 are still pending but, there will definitely be badges!)

This con is in Canton Michigan, at Canton High School. The address is:

Canton High School,

8415 N Canton Center Rd,

Canton, MI 48187

Why the change?

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were forced to move back to our original location at Canton High school. We hope you guys will enjoy this location just as much as you enjoyed Salem!

Thank you for your support!


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